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3x FAIL - Virginia DMV Driver's Manual Course - Online - $99


3 Times Fail Class - Online
  • You failed the Virginia DMV written test 3 times and you need to take a course before you can take the general knowledge written test a 4th time and thereafter
  • Course is licensed by DMV #1503-000905 throughout Virginia
  • You take the course at your own pace and on your own schedule, which is great if you are able to work independently and are comfortable using a computer or phone
  • If you are 18 years or older, then this course is for you!
  • If you are under age 18, you must have previously completed the classroom component of driver education consisting of 36 fifty minute sessions, and provide proof of completion before you can enroll in this course
  • Course is based on the most current Virginia Driver’s Manual
  • Course is designed to better prepare you for the DMV general knowledge written test


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Virginia Three Exam Failures Online Course
  • CONTENT Up-to-date information on the rules of the road
  • FINAL EXAM There is NO final exam! Practice questions are provided throughout the course to better prepare you.
    • We will email the certificate to you when you finish the entire course
    • You need to take the certificate with you to DMV when you take your written test

Terms & Conditions

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Online Driver's Manual Course
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PLEASE READ: Description of the Course and Terms and Conditions

Purpose of the Course. This DTW Driving School Online Driver's Manual Course has been approved by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (OMV) to meet the requirement that any person who has failed the OMV knowledge examination three times must successfully complete an eight-hour course of instruction based on the Virginia Driver's Manual before they can take the OMV knowledge examination a fourth and subsequent times. Persons at least 18 years old, and persons less than 18 years old who have previously completed the classroom component of driver instruction, are eligible for the Course. The content of the Course is based on materials contained in the Virginia Driver's Manual, which may be obtained from DMV's Customer Service Centers and online from OMV. DTW Driving School and Drive-To-Work are not agents of OMV for any purpose and have no authority to bind OMV in any way.

Driver Training Schools. This Course is offered only by online driver training schools licensed by Virginia OMV to conduct online instruction. DTW Driving School is licensed by OMV as an online driver training school.

Successful Completion of the Course. You must attend the full eight hours of instruction provided by the Course and correctly answer all questions at the end of each section. If you are younger than age 18, you must also provide proof of previous completion of 36 50-minute periods of the classroom component of driver's education prior to taking this Course. After meeting these requirements, you will have successfully completed the Course.

After you successfully complete the Course, you will need to validate your identity to the satisfaction of DTW Driving School. Then DTW Driving School will email an Electronic Re-Examination Certificate of Completion (DTS CE) to the email address provided when you registered for the Course. This email message will provide instructions about printing a physical certificate for presentation to OMV. You may present the physical certificate to OMV and will then be eligible to take the knowledge component of the OMV Test a fourth time and subsequent times, if necessary.

You Must Take the Knowledge Examination at DMV. This Course does not replace the DMV knowledge exam. Successful completion of this Course DOES NOT GUARANTEE that you will pass the DMV examination.

Limit on Use. This Course is the property of DTW Driving School and Drive-To-Work. DTW Driving School and Drive-To-Work own all Course content, including the copyrights therein. DTW Driving School and Drive-To-Work hereby authorize any person who registers for the Course to use it solely for the purpose of his or her own personal effort to satisfy a requirement of DMV. Any other use, reproduction, sale or distribution of all or any part of the Course and its contents and materials, without the express written consent of DTW Driving School and Drive-To-Work, is strictly prohibited. By registering for the Course, you, your heirs and assigns specifically accept and agree to the limits on use stated in this paragraph.

No Express or Implied Warranty; Limitation of Liability. While the information in this Course is deemed to be correct, DTW Driving School, Drive-To-Work, its employees, contractors and agents make no warranty or guarantee, express or implied, with respect to the Course or Course materials, including their completeness, correctness, reliability or accuracy. Furthermore, neither DTW Driving School, Drive-To-Work, its employees, contractors nor agents shall be liable for: (1) property damage, personal injury, or death, or (2) any special, consequential or exemplary damages resulting, in whole or in part, from any person's use, interpretation or application of, or reliance on, the Course or these materials. The Course does not constitute legal advice.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions. By registering for the Course, you accept all the descriptions, terms and conditions of the Course as set forth above.